Why the time on the watch ads is 10:09

1 will not use the time on the watch set at around 10:10, basically has become the industry standard, people will think that the show is consistent with the aesthetic psychology. Therefore, this is completely a kind of conformity psychology. Some companies, such as the timex, it will provide all the products must be set in the 10:09.
2 you may notice that most of the names of the manufacturers are in the middle of the upper part of the dial. The pointer to the shape, can be a good set off trademarks.
3 such a place like a smiling face, meaning positive. Twentieth Century twenty or thirty time, almost all of the watches are placed in the lower part of the dial (6), while the pointer is placed in the 8:20. But this is a similar frown image, gradually not popular. Hamilton Clock Company may be the first to put the watch pointer placed in the 10:10 of the company.
4 some Americans think, this and related to the assassination of lincoln. Lincoln was shot at 10:13 in April 14, 1864, second days away from the world. The person who initially put the table may hear the news and put the needle in the position.
Of course, this may also draw a forced analogy. Because at the beginning of twentieth Century, the table is placed in the 8:20 around, then gradually changed to the current model.