Is the best suited to their own Rolex submariner

Forum seemingly Blackwater ghost homework most, the picture we have seen a lot of, I don’t, writing don’t what skills, the picture is taken with the iPhone, everyone will see, think of where say where.
I am 31 years old, for the first time to buy the table remember in 2006, at that time did not know the table is wearing to play, buy is citizen mechanical table, less than 1000 pieces, wear a few years wearing habits, if which day does not wear like is less, the second is, of course, a Swiss watch, although the Swiss table inside the most cheap the, Tiansuo Lockerbie force, has been wearing to the present. To determine what and why the change of idea, found around friends is the Rolex, Omega, Tissot too common, and not with others what to do, not what a face not face, the purchase of Blackwater ghost feel at first glance looks like, the price is suitable to accept, that is suitable for their own table, determine the styles to buy time and place, which coincides with the summer and decided to take their children to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park to play, just the way to buy a table, there is this Hong Kong trip today is from Hong Kong to come back in three days, while the watch is still warm, the homework, but also the way of authentication and a v.
Shenzhen after the clearance, the hotel did not go, went straight to the table before contact with the table, the table is worn on the wrist.. Feel good, no more nonsense to say, above it!
After the return of Hong Kong, friends Jiefeng me, said Blackwater ghost good-watch, but some said I should buy a gold work, I can Oh, this friend may don’t know Rolex can also not golden, do not know selling Kelpie of how popular, is again also did not want to spend more high price to buy more better watch, money is not easy, after marriage and his wife worked hard to, very not easy, it can be said to be the tears of sweat, personally feel that there is the most expensive, only the most suitable for their own is the best.