Finally with the Rolex submariner

HK Sunday to take table, 2 months before the king ordered last month, notice of arrival, has no time to take.
The Black Ghost, tangled for a long time, before there is a channel notification blue ghost, Hongkong price; the black Prince ordered price 20 percent off ~ smuggled goods is very awesome, black, blue, spread around 17000, then still feel there is no need to dial color to 1.7W, set to black the.
The arrival of July, it is Hongkong airport duty-free goods agent ~ Edison, area number 888~~ number CQ002XXX burst RP ah.
Shop inspection and routine are seen, there is no problem, jump calendar Xun ~ very agile, introduction second jump calendar, laser small crown also quickly to me to see this.
But on Monday to HK Laofu want to do with a peace of mind of the inspection, measuring travel time, to told detection of computer has a problem, can not immediately get to put the table down, forget to go home.