Rolex replica watches auction new record was born

Local time On May 13, 2017, the Foyers auction house together with Bacs & Russo hosted the Geneva Geneva Auction Auction (FIVE).

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The auction No. 93 is the unique Ref.6062 “Bao Dai”, after eight minutes of bidding, the timepiece eventually to 5,066,000 Swiss francs (equivalent to about RMB 35.08 million), set the Rolex replica watches auction new record.
After months of expectation, tables from all over the world gathered in the auction hall of the Reserve Hotel in Geneva, witnessing this historic moment.

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Ref.6062 “Bao Dai” by the collection as the most valuable, most worthy of one of the Rolex replica uk watch. This is a three calendar moon phase gold watch, the same version (black dial, diamond time scale) Ref.6062 a total of only three, and “Bao Dai” is the only one in the even time position inlaid diamonds The
The original owner of this watch is the last generation of Vietnamese emperor Ruan Fu 晪 (year number Bao Dai). In 2002 when the replica watches uk appeared in the market, Fu Yi Si at a record price sold, making it (at the time) auction the highest price of cheap Rolex replica. When the auction price is $ 235,000, in other words, 15 years after the value of this watch turned 21 times.