When the blue ghost touch the 007 hippocampus you will choose which

One is Rolex’s watch, one is OMEGA’s diving table, to a party according to it! Simply write a week’s feelings.
Blue drowner more stylish, a higher degree of recognition, more eye-catching. The hippocampus is more stable, and can be worn on all occasions.
Clock dial
Blue drowner 40mm, hippocampus 42.5mm. In the hippocampus of the dial in the 7 o’clock position for 007 of the logo, highlighting the force of the memorial. Kelpy diving is 300 meters, 600 meters above the hippocampus, the thickness of the hippocampus is also thicker. The sub cover is closed, the hippocampus is more beautiful glass cover.
Standard deduction:
The hippocampus of the logo was once again carved 007 of the logo. Blue is the classic Rolex crown drowner, as gold money, more extravagance is also golden crown! The sub standard buckle is appropriate expansion of the hippocampus is more convenient, more convenient to open some standard deduction.
Two the history of the brand since Needless to say, the advantages and disadvantages of the movement but also different views.