Top ten replica watches brands

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China

Every year will give these well-known watch brands in the world rankings to a big, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet won numerous times in the top three position. But the real to the domestic market which, we have new ranking, in line with the Chinese preference ranking. Many of them may not be so high brand reputation, it is undeniable that they have a special feeling in the minds of the Chinese, such as Rolex, Omega, a lot of people mention that they always enraptured.

Rolex Replica Watches China

Early synonymous rich: Rolex

Rolex Replica Watches China the first sign of a stretched fingers of the hand, it represents the brand’s watches entirely crafted by hand. And later evolved into the crown, to show their dominance in the watch area, it really early in the hearts of the rich country indeed has a dominant position. In liberation for quite a long period of time, a lot of reasons why the minds of people Rolex only thriving, but does not know Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe watches and love their world, it has been in China since Rolex has a large market.

Although many do not understand the Rolex people will think it is not sufficiently gentle, too unassuming shortcomings, but that it “watch of the rich” image which is firmly entrenched in the minds of people, a lot of Rolex will become the preferred candidate of the watch. Coupled with Li’s endorsement, the more it consolidated its position.

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China

Omega: successful brand marketing

Omega is taking the ordinary middle-class route, it would have been easier to the masses. It’s time to enter the domestic market relatively early, coupled with the success of the brand marketing strategy from top to bottom, so the natural formation of the current hot market conditions. Zhang Ziyi, Lin Chi-ling, Andy Lau, Nicole Kidman, no matter where you go can see these big stars as Omega endorsement ads.

On the other hand have to admit it in watchmaking excellence of the famous constellation series is probably no wonder, plus some columns boarded Speedmaster Moon, so you swim underwater Seamaster, yes this is the Omega, we are talking about is the most entry-level high-end watch brands.

Swiss Replica Watches

Patek Philippe: a veritable first brand

Patek Philippe Swiss Replica Watches truly the first watch brand, whether at the international or domestic, lift PP is always awe. Patek Philippe is still the only manually refined, and can complete the manufacturer of all the tabulation process in the factory, and adhere to the traditional process watches.

2005 Patek Philippe formally entered the Chinese market, most people do not understand how Patek Philippe’s history, but the people do not believe in love watch heard its name, does not know its status to.

Cartier: from jewelry watch brand started

Cartier jewelry is brand started, and later will expand into watches, leather goods, perfumes and other products. Gains fame in the jewelry market, Cartier development in the country can be described as smooth, blue balloons so many Chinese people into the arms of Cartier.

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China

Of course, Cartier efforts not only here, watch it on the product positioning fully reflect the “interlocking” pattern, from RMB 20000-2000000 you can buy different levels of Cartier watch, but no merchandise. Cartier you can always choose a suitable own to watch.

Chanel: Everyone loves Chanel era

Admittedly, China Chanel in the minds of consumers, especially the female consumer mind has an irreplaceable position. In this era everyone loves Chanel, watch it so successful is simply certain, J12 does have a good background.

J12 course itself is hard, in 2000 J12 watch came, immediately blew a whirlwind, but also by love who love the watch. Tech precision ceramic and diamond hardness level is quite difficult to scratch, no oxidation, the use of diamond polishing sand polishing the handling of the so J12 shining metal-like bright light.

Luxury Replica Watches

Longines: Aaron ling appeal

Longines Luxury Replica Watches in the domestic propaganda is quite successful, and Lin Chi-ling advertising spokesperson Aaron Kwok called the best in the industry and more choice, it is also well-known in the hearts of the Chinese people greatly improved. Longines Advocating noble and elegant design and innovative ideas, Longines is now the new moon, Mingjiang, DolceVita has become the first choice of many ladies selected for the watch.

Tissot: high cost of Swiss watches

For many Chinese people a lot of Athens, the plot line so little is known watch brand, Tissot but probably will not feel strange. It seems that any a shop for watches Without it will not figure. Tissot was born in 1853, he is regarded as orthodox Getting Swiss watch. Tissot gold price of silver is always abide by the tenets, it is indeed a watch brand with a high cost.

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China

Tissot watch is a practical emphasis on the brand, “Teng-chi (T-Touch)” series of six touch functionality: temperature, pressure, compass, thermometer, altitude, stopwatch is winning “super watch” in the world.

Rado: first contact with the new generation of watches

Radar is the Chinese people first come into contact with the new generation of watches, it is against the traditional design and rugged look refreshing. You know, the radar is the most international awards in Industrial Design class watch brand, which embodies the pulse of the times.

For Chinese people, the combination of Rado memory of a generation. Look just founded 1993 years ago near the “fashion” magazine, Rado is doing my protagonist. Even today, advocating style and modern upstart who still love to Rado.

Cheap Replica Watches

Swatch: absolutely no creative quartz watch

Swatch Cheap Replica Watches a creative incessant watch brands, colors, unique design make it a show personality ornaments. Most of the young boys and girls are not resist their temptations, plus the price of hundreds of pieces so that they become a real public watch.

Piaget: Chinese people’s aesthetic thin sheet

Earl has been in China for nine years, belongs to the earlier brand into the Chinese market, it’s also quite slim wrist watches line with the aesthetic of the Chinese people.

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China

Piaget has been known for ultra-thin movement, compared with the traditional movement, ultra-thin movement is more compact, lighter, and this is the driving force Piaget watch design improvements can make the surface to add more elaborate decoration. Earl has now launched the “Dragon” series watch, into the more Chinese elements.

Replica Watches China
Replica Watches China