The true and false of the IWC watches

Genuine best IWC movement inside clean, and fake best IWC internal movement is not clean, fingerprints, hair, and even copper scrap. In the case of the core component is very stable. Genuine IWC universal table movement in thallium or within the board will have a clear corresponding trademark, while the movement of counterfeit watches and the inner plate is not a trademark, and some words will be very rough cut.

Genuine best IWC watch dial and a back cover of the trademark and handwriting is clear and complete, and counterfeit watches dial and a back cover trademark handwriting blur. Authentic watch drill and core drill number and dial on the subject line, counterfeit watches dial shows the drill number and core drill don’t match. Are identified by the genuine IWC watch case materials and materials and watch the back cover. Watch the glass clear smooth, watchcase components edges and corners won’t have sharp sense, plating is not a bubble, will not fall off, counterfeit watches is rough edged, coating blistering, will fall off and fittings will fracture phenomenon.

IWC watches first to carefully observe the appearance of the watch, including the appearance of grinding. Watch the grinding technique is exquisite, the Polish watches is very exquisite, but in the process of false statement and far. Look at the font, the true table of the font full, false table is a lack of confidence. Look at the function, the majority of the fake table will not be in function, which is a breakthrough in the fake watch. Many false table functions are furnished (such as phase, calendar, tourbillon, etc.) is not the function. The original pointer, pointer can be distinguished from the length, thickness, shape and material and fake. For example, senior watch often use “blue steel hands”, the truth table pointer color is full of quiet blue, the firing process of the complex and into, fake watch blue is brushing up. Disk, the senior watch common disk technology with enamel surface, guilloche process, metal radiation disk, shell surface and, some watches also have their own unique technology, such as Rolex computer disc, Cartier Gold Silver Carved disk and so on. Diamond and mosaic technology: the quality and size of diamond.

A watch worth, also can see it from the table box, the more senior watches, that the box will about elegant. It will have the certificate on the watch model and the first two serial number, this certificate is also called “the birth of paper”. Some brands of watches certificate will be using pinhole drilling technology, watches the serial number and model will play on the certificate, to prevent counterfeiting.