Stop your Rolex submariner

It’s not a long time to think of the time with the table. In fact, just graduated from college, it will be very few with a table, always feel worn on the wrist and heavy uncomfortable. The first watch is a Patek Philippe watch, which is just a time when you get married. The second block of the table is the 30th birthday to travel to the UK to see a piece of Omega 007 in the hippocampus of the 50th anniversary of the table of limits, when the table is not very understand, feel beautiful and is James Bond fans bought. After two years of work have not bought a. At the end of last year, a friend asked I in Australia help ask Rolex Kelpie, sea, ghosts have no goods and price, was also surprising why buy Rolex, at that time always felt Rolex is the outbreak of households would bring. To Brisbane Rolex store to help to ask the time when the clerk was not in stock, the order of the 6 months to a year and a half, when the great surprise, the store’s Taiwan sister said you ask these are the most classic Rolex style, certainly not in stock. Back home after began on the Internet a careful study of the Rolex history, in diving watches are very long in the world basically read golden brother all about the Rolex article, and then decided to buy Rolex. Start is choose Kelpie and Guiwang, went to a trip to the store, when the sea spot, and the size of the Kelpie is basically the same as the, wearing just feel, slightly a little, try with a black ghost feeling too domineering the, then decided to order a ghost (black and blue book to more than one and a half years) that is 20 days to a month. Originally thought slowly waiting for the prince, who know on Monday, Taiwan sister phoned to say because some of the reasons for the ghost to 2 months to get. At that time, I feel very depressed very depressed, ask her now spot, with the sea, between the gold and blue, gold and black, full of gold and. Let the daughter-in-law to help get the idea, the wife says that between gold and blue bar, because rarely dress up there is no need to buy gold black and Gold Blue conforms to the Rolex gold watch extravagance, blue and stylish.