Rolex replica watches UK 3255 movement (Part one)

Rolex replica watches UK
Rolex replica watches UK

June Shanghai, is scorching. I am under the scorching sun, to the Bund 27 Roosevelt mansion. Certainly not to pay tribute to President Roosevelt, but to participate in the 2015 Rolex replica watches UK New Basel exhibition. Magazines and on the web, has new Rolex Basel pictures and text description. However, the graphic is one thing, the physical is another. As a watch enthusiast, always see the kind, in order to feel at ease.

This year’s main push four Rolex replica watches UK Series Sunday calendar type, YACHT-MASTER, women’s Datejust and Oyster Perpetual type. Wherein the top priority should be the Day-Date. Compared to several other series in fine-tuning the design, bring in the table of innovation, DAY-change can be described as rolex fake watches uk earth-shaking. Not only adjusted to 40 mm diameter watch, disk design more elegant eye-catching, the most notable is that the series equipped with a new, outstanding movement –3255.

Powerful “inner core” represents the Rolex replica watches UK unmatched R & D capabilities. Powerful “inner core” represents the courage to break the Rolex unashamedly. This is so, because 3255 is not an improved version of the previous movement, but the brand vigorously develop blockbuster products, the upgrading of the movement can be seen as a milestone.

Currently, the main Rolex 3135 movement was born in 1988, While this movement is excellent quality, with accurate and durable known, widely praised by players. In fact, in the long years, it has also been improved, such as replacement of springs and shock absorbers, to Rolex replica watches UK self-developed Parachrom blue gossamer and Paraflex shock absorbers, springs and replace earlier Nivarox Kif shock absorbers. Replacement springs and shock absorbers of the movement, will be reflected at the end of the replica rolex watches uk paypal models. But, after all, it is only a partial improvement, not really a comprehensive upgrade. Therefore, this aspect of the movement in 3255 “big shake” is indeed ground-breaking move. I believe that before the Rolex is deliberate and careful planning, because, from the Rolex replica watches UK brand’s history, it is not sure of the battle never hit. Rolex is not only a stand-alone brand, but a brand with independent thinking, never others, and blindly follow the trend. This, in its 100 years of development, it has been unequivocally demonstrated.

Rolex replica watches UK adhere to the principles of their own, sometimes we have to “incredible” level. For example, when back through the design has become mainstream when the dress standard of mechanical watches in the Rolex replica watches UK brand, in addition to Cellini series of individual style, but has never been back through work. Even last year’s new Cellini series, it is still the case back cover tightly, which makes it difficult to glimpse what. We know that the Rolex replica watches UK movement are all current production. Note here that many so-called self-produced movement, in fact, not self-produced movement in the strict sense, or grinding depth on ETA movement, known as the “production” in the name of self-deception, or buy another home machine core, boasted after a face-lift “production.” The Rolex is fully grown from the inside out, not only the movement of production, even Rolex replica watches UK the case, bracelet and some other brands by yourself. This situation naturally extended to the 3255 movement, as well as carrying While this movement of the new Day-Date watch.