The pilot watch of wrist of myth

Since entering the watch industry eight or nine years ago, soon after staining on occupational disease, illness long ago between the expert practitioners such an epidemic like spread, mutual influence, the no name, tentatively called “relative to the table and physiognomy syndrome”.

Illness does not hinder almost the first to see people, we must watch, because see a person wearing what table, probably can be a general idea of the people, such as daily wear diving table racing form, this is not necessarily the divers racer, but the likelihood is love outdoor sports desire without detained beam life crowd. And in this table and physiognomy of course, let a person the most unexpected is worn by certain people, and he shall have the professional does not match!

Right, I said is a pilot, the theory of Fu mentioned this profession, again to watch professional readers thinking, can think of first Breitling navitimer, right? Navitimer is absolutely professional pilots with, both flight slide (please refer to the watch within the house of Breitling use feet slip profile: can be used in the electronic equipment emergency driving condition, let more timing function in conjunction with each other in order to achieve the three data (speed, distance and height only) two, can still be a calculated and added the vacancy; in addition, of course, have to mention the movement, using their own development and the performance is more stable B01, as a pilot, should have no other choice.; Oh, or life attitude is more conservative and passive, more wear with a brand of Emergency, to be prepared against want also there is no reason to remember. But just as the fisherman will not eat fish when the fish will be turned on, when the plane you think you have this attitude? So, I saw in addition to one or two inland pilots have to wear Navitimer, the vast majority of the table to meet the table, turned out to be CASIO G-Shock, followed by Rolex’s Dweller Sea! This definitely reflects their confidence in their driving skills!

Here, it seems that my proposition will not set up, gee, I which have said the pilots often wear what form? I just want to tell you mind the image gap, and the created image of how to call me you him in droves. Furthermore, who said on the plane without seeing the pilots watch it? Just wearing them, not in the cab, but in the first class and business class cabin after.

Is true, I ten times in first or business class see passengers to wear Breitling navitimer, also common IWC big pilot, even as early as streak Shengboxiuli Prince blue dial calendar limited edition has ever seen, you said for the pilots and a calendar and how it? But sitting in first class and business class of each, but it is definitely a highlight the taste of a battlefield, especially around people are such as watches exhibition as show the fellow good stuff, it will naturally looked at each other to compete, Ancun uncomfortable or cocky anymore.

In this battle, with occasional surprise, if you consciously fashion sense enough acumen, Bai Lai Shi watch with the characteristics of the fighter pilot, this year’s BR-X1 carbone forge should can recommend to you, forged carbon material, lightweight and strong, with a square case this is not, alone such a determination not to pull out of shape, can handle that you wear look pool is not in