Panerai Replica Watch Sandwich and Sausage Dials

If you hang out with a Paneristi long enough, you’re bound to hear the terms “sausage” and “sandwich” being used when discussing Panerai watches and their dials. These names refer specifically to how luminous material is applied to a Panerai Replica Watch dial. Sandwich dials have recessed lume while sausage dials include luminous paint that curves above the dial.

Panerai Luminor GMT Sandwich Dial

Panerai watches are some of the most recognizable watches in the market, characterized by distinctive cushion-shaped cases and stark dials. The dials are often simple in execution with just a pair of hands at the center, sometimes accompanied by a running seconds sub-dial, and occasionally, there’s a date window too.

It’s often said that all Panerai watches look almost identical, and it’s hard to tell the difference between one model and the next. However, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the variances lie in the small, yet important details — such as sandwich dials versus sausage dials.

Panerai Sandwich Dial Radiomir

Cheap Panerai Replica used timepieces supplied by Rolex powered by Cortebert pocket watch movements that would later become the Panerai Radiomir models we know today, featuring large cushioned cases, wire lugs, high luminous dials, oversized watches Crown and extra long strap. The watch is constantly being modified and upgraded to meet the rigorous demands of combat divers.

The top disc is made of anodized aluminium, and the hour markers have cutouts—four Arabic numerals and eight batons—that allow the radium paste applied to the bottom disc to glow. Thus was born the Panerai sandwich dial.

Today, of course, Panerai Replica uses modern A-grade Swiss Super Luminous material on its dials. Radiomir and Luminor are no longer used as luminous names, but as the names of the two most important Panerai models in the brand’s current catalogue.

Panerai Radiomir GMT Sausage Dial

Panerai Sandwich Dials

As the name suggests, the Replica Watches China sandwich dial uses a layering technique. This is by no means exclusive to Panerai, but the Florentine watch brand did opt for a sandwich dial early in its history as a way to create a highly luminous dial.

Essentially, the Panerai sandwich dial consists of two separate discs, where the bottom layer holds the luminescent material in recessed indexes, while the top layer has index cutouts to allow light to pass through. When looking at the Panerai Sandwich dial, you’ll immediately notice the cool stencil effect.

Panerai Luminor Sandwich Dial

It is worth noting that the earliest examples of The Best Panerai Replica Watch sandwich dials used three layers: the top plate was perforated, the middle plate was clear plexiglass, and the bottom plate was solid and coated with luminous paste. However, this was replaced by the two-tier structure we are familiar with today.

Much to the chagrin of Panerai enthusiasts, Panerai appears to be ditching the sandwich dials on most of their current watches, keeping the technology for select editions.

Panerai Sausage Dials

In contrast to the sunken indexes of the Panerai grade 1 Replica Watch sandwich dial, the lacquered indexes of the Panerai sausage dial are slightly higher than the dial. In some models, the hour markers are first etched onto the dial and then filled with luminescent material. In other versions, the lumens are applied directly to the flat surface.

Panerai Luminor Chronograph Sausage Dial

Don’t confuse Panerai painted dials with High Quality Replica Watches printed dials with flat surfaces. So remember, the next time you’re browsing through different Panerai watches trying to decide which one you like best, take a close look at the dial to see if it’s a sandwich, a sausage, or a print. This seemingly small detail can have a major impact on the overall look of the watch.

Both dial designs have a unique look and both have a place in Panerai’s history. I’ve always liked stencil-style typography, so I leaned towards the Panerai sandwich dial. However, I have nothing against the Panerai sausage dials as they are also pretty.