Panerai replica Luminor 1950 Series BMG-TECHTM

The introduction of new materials, so that the performance of the watch has been improved, giving the new wrist between the more attractive charm. Which has become a contemporary time on the creation of a major bright spot, making the new watch design more in line with the modern time on the aesthetic and requirements. From Italy’s famous replica watches uk brand Panerai is the case, will be in their own time to create unlimited enthusiasm and advanced watchmaking craft on the combination of extraordinary accomplishments, to create a lot of amazing legendary masterpiece. In 2017, the brand developed innovative materials BMG-TECH ™ (a kind of metal glass, excellent in shock and corrosion resistance), and its injection into the new time meter Panerai Luminor replica 1950 series BMG-TECH ™ metal glass watch in. This watch in the annual SIHH watch show on the launch, it has been widespread concern. Such as the ocean in general blue dial and more reliable and excellent combination of internal performance, showing the brand new era of time-specific charm. (Watch model: PAM00692)

New Material BMG-TECH ™ Metallic Glass
This watch is the first full of cheap Panerai replica glass glass BMG-TECH ™ case casting, compared with the traditional case material is particularly durable. BMG-TECH ™ is a metal glass (large amorphous alloy), is a special alloy similar to glass. In the manufacturing process it (composed of zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel) in high temperature environment after high pressure injection molding process, and after several seconds of rapid cooling process, so that the atoms within the material to form a new structure. “Disordered” structure not only makes the material highly resistant to corrosion, very strong, able to withstand external shocks and magnetic field, more secure and reliable. Not only the performance of excellence, at the same time in a very stable new structure under the effect of the appearance of the watch can also remain intact, enduring.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Series BMG-TECH ™ PAM00692 watch

BMG-TECH ™ metal glass case
Watch case, bezel, crown and its protection devices are BMG-TECH ™ metal glass material to create, showing high overall durability. Retains the Luminor 1950 series of classic pillow case design, to 47 mm large diameter diameter manufacturing, after the details of the brand after treatment showed a great view, it intoxicated.

Watch side display

Brand identification design: crown bridge
Crown bridge and exquisite bezel complement each other, showing the Panerai replica great brand identification of the exclusive design. One-way counter-clockwise bezel with eye-catching indexing, can calculate the diving time. As with the crown, the side of the rotating device has a brand carefully handled after grinding, the operation texture is very superior and not slippery, to ensure the correct debugging of the watch function, reliability.

Magnificent blue dial
Blue dial

Luminous effect
The new timepieces with blue dial, stylish and generous, full of light. Diving watch surface design, time scale with a new polishing effect retouch, with a charming refraction effect presented, and the central hollow pointer, 9 seconds at the small seconds against each other, to use two different Super-LumiNova ® luminous coating Design, even in the dark, can also observe the time, to facilitate the distinction between regular time and diving time. 3 time position for the date display window, add charm for the connotation of the watch.

Close case built-in P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement
Titanium metal back cover designed to protect the internal safety. Equipped with brand self-made P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement, compared to the previous table to be slightly thinner, thus reducing the overall thickness of the watch. Equipped with a stop device, when the crown is pulled out immediately stop the movement of the movement, so that the watch can be synchronized with the control of the time signal calibration. As with other new ones, the hour hand is driven by a standalone device, which can be moved forward or backward in hours, so that it can be adjusted more quickly without affecting the movement of the minute hand. Watch has 3 days power reserve, waterproof rating of about 300 meters.

Black rubber strap, pin buckle
Watch with a black rubber strap and a needle slightly larger than the buttonhole buckle, can be a good fixed watch in the wrist, not easy to fall off, full of security.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Series BMG-TECH ™ Metal Glass Watch
Summary: safe and reliable new material BMG-TECH ™ and precision in place P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement of the collision, and then enchanted blue disk fusion, to create this accurate and excellent new time meter Naihai Luminor 1950 series BMG-TECH ™ metal glass watch, with excellent performance and dark blue charm, making him become one of the more popular cheap replica watches on the table, like friends, may wish to enter the brand store, a See its style! Watch price: RMB 71,400