Luxury Replica Watch of the month

July in Beijing is a hot and cool season. Whether Lieyang take the lead dog, or repeatedly rainstorm days, will pave the way for this dramatic cool rain. The Beijing watch market, July is a new old alternate season, after once a year two heavyweight Watch Fair (BASELWORLD and SIHH), held in Beijing with the major watch brand new exhibition, exhibition of new products have been numerous table in July in succession to store. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we visited Lange, Panerai replica watches, Breguet, Gelasidi original, IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Longines and Piaget, Blancpain, yakedeluo and radar and a dozen well-known Swiss brand stores in July, involving Beijing SKP, Beijing APM shopping center, Beijing Yintai Center and the Oriental Plaza, the famous Beijing luxury shopping, to collect some information about the actual market, watch this month below, we come together to see:
July brand new store to shop:

According to the information we visited shops, this month, in more than ten brands, there are 7 brands in 2017, some new products have been to the store. Panerai replica respectively: PAM01305, PAM00685, PAM00677 and PAM00687 retro and other new products to the store shelves, the original 2017 members: Guerra Souty calendar, glashutte original gold watch new members calendar Chronograph outstanding new products to the store, and other nations: Da Vince moon automatic watch 36, phase 36, automatic watch Da Vince Automatic Watch 36 blue disc models Da Vince, Da Vince in the new calendar Chronograph frame, three Earl of hot July new products: the new POLO S series, the new POLO S series chronograph, ALTIPLANO ultra-thin diamond watch shelves, radar: Zuanba series, 2017 Zuanba second big star Tang Wei, fifty fathoms Blancpain replica watches series, Ladies Watch series, Lange Isaacson: a series of ultra-thin watches, Ms. Vacheron Constantin and many other series of new products to the store. Some of them have been sold. If you are looking forward to these new brands, please go to the brand store to have a look!
Shops hot money recommended:

According to staff, Breguet classic series disc enamel watch, yakedeluo time small dial, glashutte original hot women members of the world platinum cheap replica watches, 2016, Longines ceramic Panerai classic traditional watchmaking master series phase timing table, radar Hao star series of classic ceramic stainless steel watch part of money for the previous brand of hot money, in the near future has been friends welcome. If you love these brands of classical words, can choose a few this oh!