Introducing the Panerai Royal Navy Clearance Diver PAM00664

Today we’re looking at a very special, exclusive piece. This is the Panerai PAM664 Royal Navy Clearance Divers Replica Edition.Furthermore, it was exclusively created and available only to serving members of Royal Navy.

In a 44mm Submersible case with luminous dot markers, date and sub-seconds dial, it’s a well-designed model that one would struggle to criticise. Prices of this model has fluctuated in recent years, with one even going at auction for over £32000.

So the detail that makes this piece so special is the caseback – it has the Royal Navy crest on the back along with all other standard Cheap Panerai Replica marks. This crest is the one thing making this timepiece so special and sought after.

The 664 is based on a pretty-much identical Panerai model, the PAM024. The big difference is the exclusivity factor, given it’s special tribute to the clearance divers and its scarcity, The 664 houses an OPIII automatic movement, with a power reserve of 42 hrs with a date and small seconds complication.

What’s so interesting about this model is that out of all the special, military dedicated Panerai Replica Watches that Panerai makes, this one got it’s own PAM number – PAM664. This is a bit unexpected considering that this watch was exclusive to Royal Navy’s serving clearance divers only.

This Replica Watches At Best Price remains a great model within Panerai, not just due to its scarcity and exclusivity, but also due to its favourable design resembling the iconic PAM24, one of the most popular Submersibles in Panerai’s history.