The president’s watch is not worth the money

Recently, the United States a middle and low market business downturn, a new brand store near the store has attracted people’s attention. People no longer pay attention to the small and inexpensive brand goods, but to talk about the name of the.
This can be anxious that bad shopping sales manager Jim, he wanted to many ways, to engage in promotions, but palliatives, provide small goods door-to-door service, or not what effect. Boss issued dead order, we must try every means to improve sales, Jim no way, high paying Murphy, recruit can revive a shopping mall sales personnel.
A 22 year old college student, out of a move, and easily captured the hearts of Jim. Shopping malls began to launch a special event – the president’s watch in the end how much money? Posters exist everywhere, and reward. Curiosity and the desire for the first prize of the psychological beginning to play a role, people have studied Obama’s watch, a variety of answers to the store’s announcement appeared in the bar.
In the end, a full-time housewife got a bonus, she used pictures to prove that four years ago, Obama has been wearing a watch, only $350, Obama’s first presidential decree is signed with this watch. People envy, but also by a psychological shock, the president’s watch is not very valuable.
Then, the 22 year old boy, and a collection of the first lady, follow suit, clothes worth and answer. A reporter received the award, he found the first lady Michel in a television interview, wearing a piece of $34.99 worth of clothes.
At this time, to not only gain a bonus to the reporter, sales manager Jim is happy joy, the mall business began to slowly pick up the. After these two activities, the awareness of consumers has changed, the most expensive is not necessarily the best.
Thanks to this wonderful sales strategy, which stores make the dead come back to life. The shop has been a continuation of such activities. Later, it was discovered that former President George W. Bush always wear a watch value only $50, pearl necklace worn on the neck of the former first lady Laura, unexpectedly is worth $10 stall goods.
Later, the 22 year old university to generate the mall’s branch manager, he used this marketing campaign to deliver a concept to the world – the use of material reflects their own value, is the most inexpensive form of expression.

Why the time on the watch ads is 10:09

1 will not use the time on the watch set at around 10:10, basically has become the industry standard, people will think that the show is consistent with the aesthetic psychology. Therefore, this is completely a kind of conformity psychology. Some companies, such as the timex, it will provide all the products must be set in the 10:09.
2 you may notice that most of the names of the manufacturers are in the middle of the upper part of the dial. The pointer to the shape, can be a good set off trademarks.
3 such a place like a smiling face, meaning positive. Twentieth Century twenty or thirty time, almost all of the watches are placed in the lower part of the dial (6), while the pointer is placed in the 8:20. But this is a similar frown image, gradually not popular. Hamilton Clock Company may be the first to put the watch pointer placed in the 10:10 of the company.
4 some Americans think, this and related to the assassination of lincoln. Lincoln was shot at 10:13 in April 14, 1864, second days away from the world. The person who initially put the table may hear the news and put the needle in the position.
Of course, this may also draw a forced analogy. Because at the beginning of twentieth Century, the table is placed in the 8:20 around, then gradually changed to the current model.

Is the best suited to their own Rolex submariner

Forum seemingly Blackwater ghost homework most, the picture we have seen a lot of, I don’t, writing don’t what skills, the picture is taken with the iPhone, everyone will see, think of where say where.
I am 31 years old, for the first time to buy the table remember in 2006, at that time did not know the table is wearing to play, buy is citizen mechanical table, less than 1000 pieces, wear a few years wearing habits, if which day does not wear like is less, the second is, of course, a Swiss watch, although the Swiss table inside the most cheap the, Tiansuo Lockerbie force, has been wearing to the present. To determine what and why the change of idea, found around friends is the Rolex, Omega, Tissot too common, and not with others what to do, not what a face not face, the purchase of Blackwater ghost feel at first glance looks like, the price is suitable to accept, that is suitable for their own table, determine the styles to buy time and place, which coincides with the summer and decided to take their children to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park to play, just the way to buy a table, there is this Hong Kong trip today is from Hong Kong to come back in three days, while the watch is still warm, the homework, but also the way of authentication and a v.
Shenzhen after the clearance, the hotel did not go, went straight to the table before contact with the table, the table is worn on the wrist.. Feel good, no more nonsense to say, above it!
After the return of Hong Kong, friends Jiefeng me, said Blackwater ghost good-watch, but some said I should buy a gold work, I can Oh, this friend may don’t know Rolex can also not golden, do not know selling Kelpie of how popular, is again also did not want to spend more high price to buy more better watch, money is not easy, after marriage and his wife worked hard to, very not easy, it can be said to be the tears of sweat, personally feel that there is the most expensive, only the most suitable for their own is the best.